Employment Related Claims

Employment Related Claims

Both Ohio and federal law protect employees who are members of certain protected classes of employees based on race, national origin, gender, disability and age from being discriminated against on the basis of such category. Additionally, certain local jurisdictions have laws to protect employees on the basis of sexual orientation. Schottenstein Legal Services represents individual employees, groups of employees, and small and large businesses with respect to claims of discrimination in violation of such local, State of Ohio and federal laws. Schottenstein Legal Services can assist businesses and individuals with respect to employment claims for discrimination, retaliation, Family and Medical Leave Act, Wage & Hour Laws, Wrongful Termination, Consumer Fraud, Employment Contracts, and Severance Agreements and Sexual Harassment. We have assisted companies and individuals in resolving such claims for over twenty (20) years. Our office is available to discuss such claims for the initial consultation by telephone without charge.

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