Schottenstein Legal Services

 Co., LPA


At Schottenstein Legal Services our practice areas are primarily focused on the areas set out below:


Business Transactions:

            Since 1972 Mr. Schottenstein has represented small and medium sized businesses. Mr. Schottenstein grew up in a manufacturing business and obtained actual field experience in the operational, administrative, and financial issues of the same.  Schottenstein Legal Services provides counseling and structure in the formation and operation of new and existing businesses. We offer advice and transactional documentation as to use and formation of limited liability companies, corporations, and partnerships.  We also offer protection of trade secrets, intellectual property, and assist you in protecting your company assets through employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and non-competition agreements. Additionally, Schottenstein Legal Services offers advice as to the tax consequences of transactional matters such as asset transfers, business mergers, business dissolutions, or purchases.  


Business Litigation:

            Often the best plan for avoiding litigation is to provide for amicable resolution of disagreements in the preparation of documents.  Schottenstein Legal Services provides advice as to drafting such provisions in buy-sell agreements, lease negotiations, and other transactional documents.  However, when disputes arise, Schottenstein Legal Services has over three (3) decades of representing clients in civil business litigation in the courts of Ohio.  In addition to appearing before Municipal Courts, Common Pleas Courts, and Appellate Courts in Ohio, Mr. Schottenstein is admitted to practice before the United States District Courts in Ohio, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Tax Court. 


Real Estate Transactions:

            There is no substitute for actual experience. In addition to advising clients with respect to real estate matters, Mr. Schottenstein has purchased, developed, and managed, residential, commercial office and retail properties. Mr. Schottenstein brings this actual experience to the table when advising clients and preparing documents for all types of real property transactions. Schottenstein Legal Services has prepared commercial leases for both retail and office building clients, and Mr. Schottenstein has served as counsel to several shopping center developers, and National big box tenants as well as small retail and commercial tenants and property owners.


Wealth Planning (Estate Planning):

            With the changing landscape of the federal and State of Ohio tax code, we assist our clients with the opportunity to transfer assets to your family or others with less governmental impact.  Our office will help you achieve your goals with less taxation impact.  We believe that basic documents such as a Will, Health Power of Attorney, and Durable Power of Attorney should be prepared for every person.  If you have not reviewed your estate plans in the last five (5) years or have any major change in your life such as marriage, divorce, children or health issues, a review of your estate plan should be considered.  Our office can advise you with respect to irrevocable life insurance trusts, revocable testamentary trusts, annual gift giving programs, and charitable remainder trusts.  Upon the death of loved one, Schottenstein Legal Services can guide you through the administrative process of Probating an estate.



Employment Related Claims:

            Both Ohio and federal law protect employees who are members of certain protected classes of employees based upon race, national origin, gender, disability and age from being discriminated against on the basis of such category.  Schottenstein Legal Services represents individual employees, groups of employees, and small and large businesses with respect to claims of discrimination in violation of such State of Ohio and federal laws.  Schottenstein Legal Services can assist businesses and individuals with respect to employment claims for discrimination, retaliation, Family and Medical Leave Act, Wage & Hour Law, Wrongful Termination, Consumer Fraud, Employment Contracts, and Severance Agreements.  We have assisted companies and individuals in resolving such claims for over fifteen (15) years.  Our office is available to discuss such claims for the initial consultation by telephone without charge.